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ZONE FRESH Floral General Purpose Cleaner

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ZONE FRESH is a concentrated liquid deoderiser with excellent cleaning and disinfectant properties. It readily emulsifies the toughest soils and grease with minimum effort whilst departing a residual sanitiser and deodoriser to leave areas clean & smelling fresh for prolonged periods.

ZONE FRESH is specially designed for cleaning, sanitizing and deodorising, common areas, bathrooms, toilets. ZONE FRESH is also widely used for general cleaning in kennels and sanitising duties in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels, etc.

ZONE FRESH It is an excellent floor cleaner and is recommended for damp mopping of all vinyl, terrazzo, marble and ceramic tile surfaces.

For normal cleaning and disinfecting duties dilute 10 to 30 mls of ZONE FRESH per litre of water. (This concentration may be increased for extra heavy soil or to impart more long lasting fragrance). Mop, swab, wipe or spray this solution into surfaces. Not recommended for food contact surfaces. If product comes in contact with food surfaces rinse with potable water afterwards.

Rinsing is normally not necessary unless floors are to be polished. This product is not recommended for use in food processing areas because it is fragranced.