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TORNADO Toilet Area Cleaner

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TORNADO is an acidic detergent designed to thoroughly clean, disinfect and deodorise toilet bowls, floors and adjacent areas in a single operation.

TORNADO is safe to use on all stainless steel and unbroken porcelain. It is highly efficient for cleaning and deodorising toilet bowls, toilet seats and floors in toilets and adjacent areas.
TORNADO can also be used for removing stains and encrustations from stainless steel and porcelain basins, baths and sinks.

Flush toilet and then pour 30-60ml of TORNADO inside the bowl.
Using a toilet brush, swab all areas of the bowl with this solution, including beneath the rim and the seat. Allow to stand for 2-5 minutes then flushing the toilet, and dry the seat with a soft cloth or toilet tissue.

Flush urinal. Squeeze or spray TORNADO onto the urinal surface, allow to work for 5-10 minutes, agitate if required and then flush.

Dilute 1 part of TORNADO to 30 parts of warm water. Clean then rinse well.