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Nitrile 46’s – Elbow Length Unlined Nitrile Glove

Nitrile unlined gloves – 46cm in length for protection up to the elbow.


Nitrile unlined gloves – 46cm in length for protection up to the elbow.

Nitrile 46’s are a high quality nitrile unlined glove providing resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Due to their thickness of 0.55mm they provide excllent protection against abrasion and snags.


Latex free, ideal for latex allergy sufferers
Extra long 46cm in length, for extra protection up to elbow
Thickness 0.55mm
Pebble grip
Resistant to a broad range of chemicals, particularly petroleum based solvents, oils and grease. Chemical permeation test data available on request.
Excellent cut, puncture and abrasion resistance
Silicon free – paint, electronics and food industry friendly
HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification
Conforms to European Council Directive 89/636/EEC relating to (complex design) Personal Protective Equipment after assessment against Standards EN 374, EN 388 and EN 420:2003

Uses include
Agrochemical industry, chemical handling and processing
Manufacturing industries using cutting oils, automobile industry, metal treatment and material handling
Petrochemical and oil refining
Aerospace industry
Industrial cleaning
Commercial deep sink dishwashing
Printing industry
Fisheries, poultry, food manufacture