FRESH PINE Cleaner Disnifectant
October 2, 2017
LAUNDRY PRE SPRAY Stain and Soil Remover
October 2, 2017
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FRESH TALC Air freshener & Sanitizer is a pleasant long lasting floral perfume used to oust odours and germs.

FRESH TALC is ideal for use in hotel and motel rooms, offices, toilets and showers, vehicle interiors and other areas where unpleasant odours are a problem. Try ODOUREX or TERMINATE for control of industrial odour problem like those encountered abattoirs or processing plants, or MARAZYME in grease traps, sewerage treatment plants or sceptics.

FRESH TALC is normally used undiluted via a trigger spray.

Aim into the air around the problem area or at the source of the odour.

Do not use FRESH TALC on food contact surfaces or on animals.