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October 23, 2017
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October 23, 2017
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Diversey Stride Citrus HC J-Fill Neutral Multi-Purpose Cleaner 1.5L

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Stride Citrus is a non-alkaline formulation for daily use on floors, walls and other washable surfaces. Stride Citrus is a neutral cleaner with a pleasant citrus scent, specially formulated to provide a full range of cleaning power to remove soil, while maintaining a neutral ph.

Neutral pH, so it cleans without damage to the floors protective coating
Cleans nearly all washable surfaces
Non alkaline formulation dries film free and does not require rinsing
Meets gree seal GS-37 standard
Pleasant citrus scent
Concentrated formula provides economy in use and reduces packaging waste
Low foaming formula allows for less emptying of recover tanks
Use in auto scrubbers, mop and bucket and trigger sprayers
Available in a range of dispensing systems:

Volume:                               2.5L

Carton QTY:                         2

Brand:                                 Diversey

Recommended Use:             Neutral Cleaner

Fragrance:                           Citrus

pH:                                      7.3

Dilution Rate:                      1:375