Diversey Cream R7 Creme Cleanser 500ml
October 23, 2017
Diversey Clax Revoflow Pro 3XP1 Conc Laundry Detergent 3 x 4KG Carton
November 2, 2017
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Diversey Clax Revoflow Oxi 4XP3 Oxygen Bleach 3 x 4L Carton

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Clax Revoflow Oxi 4XP3 is a highly concentrated activated powder oxygen bleach. This product is ideal to reach high bleaching performance at medium temperatures (40*C – 60*C) and higher. this will result in cost saving due to the advantage of washing at lower temperatures.
Clax Revoflow Oxi 4XP3 can also be used for chemo thermal sanitising of the washing linen.
Clax Revoflow Oxi 4XP3 at low dosage can also be used in final rinse to neutralise residual chlorine when using a chlorine bleach such as Clax Revoflow Clor 4XP1 in the main wash.

Effective bleaching at low to medium temperatures
Reduced environmental impact
Safe small encapsulated packaging

Volume:                                ​3 x 4L

Carton QTY:                        3

Brand:                                  Diversey

Recommended Use:               Laundry


pH:                                       10.3

Dilution Rate:                        0.1-2g / Kg