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    AC580 ACID CLEANER is a detergent blend of acids formulated for cleaning and brightening of aluminium and stainless steel. AC580 ACID CLEANER also effectively removes rail […]

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  • CHLORDET Auto Dish Detergent

    CHLORDET is an automatic dishwashing machine detergent that contains a special blend of alkalies, chelating agents and sodium hypochlorite that effectively washes & removes food residues, […]

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  • CITRUS MIST Air Freshner

    CITRUS MIST is an air freshener spray with a pleasant long lasting citrus perfume. CITRUS MIST is normally used undiluted via a trigger spray. Simply spray […]

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  • Comet – Foaming Cleaner Sanitizer

    COMET is an AQIS APPROVED chlorine-based liquid detergent/sanitizer formulated for use in food and beverage processing areas, live stock abattoirs, refrigeration containers and rooms, kitchens, toilets, […]

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  • CRYSTAL Glass & Chrome

    CRYSTAL Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner is an efficient and economical ready to use glass, chrome and stainless steel cleaner. The product will lift dirt and […]

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  • ECO BREAK Quick Break Degreaser

    ECO BREAK Quick Break Degreaser Cleaner Sanitiser is a water based environmentally responsible option for both degreasing, general cleaning and use as a bond break remover. […]

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  • EXTRA Supa Alkaline

    EXTRA is a food area safe, heavy duty high alkaline cleaner specifically designed for efficient removal of grease, baked on carbon and heat modified soils. FLOOR […]

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  • FRESH PINE Cleaner Disnifectant

    FRESH PINE is a neutral, yellow liquid designed for combined cleaning, sanitising and reodorising operations, while imparting a pleasant, sanitary pine aroma. For normal cleaning and […]

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  • FRESH TALC Air Fresh

    FRESH TALC Air freshener & Sanitizer is a pleasant long lasting floral perfume used to oust odours and germs. FRESH TALC is ideal for use in […]

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  • HERCULES HD Food Area Detergent

    HERCULES is a non dangerous heavy duty alkaline detergent formulated for quick and easy removal of animal fats, starches, pertinacious soils, dirt, grime, grease and oils […]

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  • LAUNDRY PRE SPRAY Stain and Soil Remover

    LAUNDRY PRE SPRAY Stain & Soil Remover is a concentrated detergent for assisting in the removal of heavy oil, grease, lipstick and food stains from garments, […]

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    LIQUID BLEACH 4% is a chlorinated cleaning, sanitizing and de-staining compound. The product removes stains, whitens clothes, kills bacteria and de-odorizes. LIQUID BLEACH has a place […]

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    LIQUID BLEACH 4% Lemon is a lemon scented chlorinated cleaning, sanitizing and de-staining compound. The product removes stains, whitens clothes, kills bacteria and de-odorizes. To remove […]

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  • MANDELL Anti-Bac Hand Soap

    MANDELL Anti-Bac Perfumed Hand Cleaner is a pink coloured, pleasantly perfume neutral liquid hand gel formulated with an antibacterial agent to control bacteria and the spread […]

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  • Hand Sanitiser Geraldton

    OxyGel Hand Sanitiser – 500ml

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    Hand washing is essential in preventing the spread of illness, however when used alone is not enough to kill bacteria. Antibacterial hand sanitisers work quickly to destroy bacteria, and are effective due to their ease of use.

    OxyGel Hand Sanitiser is made with ‘stabilised hydrogen peroxide’ is NON HAZARDOUS and FOOD SAFE. OxyGel active is proven to be more effective than Ethanol Solutions up to 72%, with a greater than 99.99% kill in 1 minute.

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